Spring has sprung….

Have you noticed your dog is starting to shed or scratch more than usual? Are you having to break out the vacuum cleaner more these days? It’s spring and it’s probably time to get your dog groomed. Removing your dogs undercoat will not only help keep your house a little cleaner, but it will keep your dog cooler too. Call or text (704) 925-2577 or Facebook Roxanne Scissorhands to schedule an appointment.


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Some fun stuff has happened since I last posted. Check it out! Voted Best Pet Sitting Service in Rowan County and Second Runner-up in Grooming!


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Going on vacation? Need a trustworthy, dependable pet sitter?

It’s almost time for the kids to go back to school! There are only 4 weekends left, before they return, but you still have time to go on vacation! If you are planning a vacation, don’t forget about your furbabies! Don’t board them in an unfamiliar, scary place. Let them stay at home and I will care for them while you are away. Call me at (704) 925-2577 or contact me via Facebook or www.roxannescissorhands.com.

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Dogs, dogs, dogs

People who know me, know that I can change the subject to dogs at any moment. I can talk about dogs, all day, everyday.  Animals are a passion of mine and being able to work with them on a daily basis makes my heart smile.  My passion makes me very opinionated when it comes to the welfare and treatment of all animals.  Therefore I decided to spare my friends a little and post my grooming stories, share useful tips and articles and the importance of grooming here, on my dog blog.  Have a grooming question? Ask me! 11150847_10206614945791323_2038088205187408737_n

Website: Roxanne Scissorhands

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New Website


Check out the new Roxanne Scissorhands website!

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